Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Day 3

Spent New Years eve home with my hubby a bowl of pasta and a bottle of champagne. Yes we had been invited  to 2 parties which we had planned on going to both. However as the day approached I began to be acutely aware of my increased size and weight even though I purchased a great dress that minimizes my blossoming full figure.
Everyone would be judging me and talking or so that is what my crazy head is telling me would happen. My dear good husband would never accept that as a reason, he loves me in any size and so I lied. I said I didn't want to leave my puppies knowing there would be fireworks and they are frightened by loud noises.
Truth is I wanted to stay home regardless and I know that my recent seclusion is due to my embarrassing weight gain. I am 52 and have always stayed within a certain size range that I have been comfortable with. Jeans got tight the portions got smaller and back to normal no problem. Now within 1 year I have grown from a size 0 to a size 10. Ok 10 isn't so bad you say well on me it is horrendous!
Since I was diagnosed a year ago with fibromyalgia hence forth fibro or fibro fit, resulting in decreased activity due to severe pain and one of the medications  I take causes weight gain along with my new found love of food! Love, love, love the food my hubby cooks. But all this is no excuse and no way to live!
So for the very first time I have made a  few new years resolutions ...
1. Yoga, swim and/or walk at least 5x a week
2. Eat less and healthier
3. Turn in my recyclables for cash
Ok I admit collecting all those bottles and cans in my own kitchen is going to be a little tough to do! Tee hee!
Here's the skinny I was skinny now I am fat and I want to be normal! Everyone wants to be normal what ever normal is.
I am 5'5'' 150 lbs. my thighs rub together when I walk my hips bulge out like a giant pear I have indents on my shoulders from my bra indents on my hips from tight under wear and my stomach sticks out like  I swallowed a watermelon I have two pairs of jeans one dress and four tops that fit. And hopefully with exercise and careful eating habits I will lose weight.

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