Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA/PIPA = End Piracy, Not Liberty!

End Piracy, Not Liberty! HELLO end piracy really, REALLY! Piracy is the second oldest profession the first pirates were on foot - Have you seen You Tube lately! The beating and robbing of a Chicago youth - pirates. Then by sea - Somalian pirates in the sea, watch out.  Fake Gucci sunglasses, fake Dior stores in Indonesia, fake Louis Vitton purses on the streets of NY. Fake Driver's Licenses teens use to buy alcohol. Fake, Fake, Fake - Fake  Senators too!
The College system in America is crumbling and you want to do what?!
My daughter came home hysterical that her school might be closing because the richest state in the union can't pay for the very things that should be first and foremost - Education and Health and a safe place to live while doing it.

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