Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18 = 16 days of yoga

The diet thing well not exactly starving myself or pigging out still weigh the same measly 150 lbs. ARGH! I am feeling better and moving around easier with the Lyrica ® I love you Lyrica® with the yoga and physical therapy its really working out great! I am not hard on myself for not being able to do everything right away or even if ever although I do throw a great pity party for myself now and then and feel blue longing for the missed opportunities of blissful movement. So thankful I hiked the Himalayas in Nepal once although truthfully I think I could do that again as long as it is in the summer when it rains and the leaches come out play biting away at your ankles! Honestly things that would send me into hysteria at home well, away from home its just part of the excitement.
Not writing everyday like I "promised" {insert- crossed fingers} but I'm still here doing what I promised {hands open wide} I guess I missed class the day
{ } & [ ]  were explained not sure the proper use I would google or wikipedia it but gosh durn they went black. Government needs to figure out how to spin straw into gold instead of trying to control everyone but themselves.
Ok I started out journaling my "get fit or get fat plan" but I feel the need to interject a few tidbits now and then. Not like anyone is reading anyway. Speaking of what am I saying I am already fat, fat is one of those words you can say only when speaking of one's self like many other non pc words. Or at least that is what I thought until my daughters jumped all over me every time I mention it. They are right when I was skinny I hated it when friends habitually or even occasionally used the word to speak negatively about one's self. So I should heed the advice and not speak of it ever more. My brain is screaming FAT, FAT, FAT!  Thats enough no more!!!

Gotta go!

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