Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not very tasty apricots - make tasty preserves

So Very easy  too! 
I bought some gorgeous apricots from Costco that didn't have any taste so hubby asked if I could make him a lovely apricot preserve never made it before but it was quite easy and tastes great on a bagel with cream cheese.
I need to add here I always get the best fruits and vegetables from Costco, I always trust Costco and even the blah apricots turned out not to be so blah after all.
We also make a lot of salads using fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & raspberries so when i end up with too many leftover berries I throw them in the freezer and when I want to I make jam.
It is our family favorite!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA/PIPA = End Piracy, Not Liberty!

End Piracy, Not Liberty! HELLO end piracy really, REALLY! Piracy is the second oldest profession the first pirates were on foot - Have you seen You Tube lately! The beating and robbing of a Chicago youth - pirates. Then by sea - Somalian pirates in the sea, watch out.  Fake Gucci sunglasses, fake Dior stores in Indonesia, fake Louis Vitton purses on the streets of NY. Fake Driver's Licenses teens use to buy alcohol. Fake, Fake, Fake - Fake  Senators too!
The College system in America is crumbling and you want to do what?!
My daughter came home hysterical that her school might be closing because the richest state in the union can't pay for the very things that should be first and foremost - Education and Health and a safe place to live while doing it.

January 18 = 16 days of yoga

The diet thing well not exactly starving myself or pigging out still weigh the same measly 150 lbs. ARGH! I am feeling better and moving around easier with the Lyrica ® I love you Lyrica® with the yoga and physical therapy its really working out great! I am not hard on myself for not being able to do everything right away or even if ever although I do throw a great pity party for myself now and then and feel blue longing for the missed opportunities of blissful movement. So thankful I hiked the Himalayas in Nepal once although truthfully I think I could do that again as long as it is in the summer when it rains and the leaches come out play biting away at your ankles! Honestly things that would send me into hysteria at home well, away from home its just part of the excitement.
Not writing everyday like I "promised" {insert- crossed fingers} but I'm still here doing what I promised {hands open wide} I guess I missed class the day
{ } & [ ]  were explained not sure the proper use I would google or wikipedia it but gosh durn they went black. Government needs to figure out how to spin straw into gold instead of trying to control everyone but themselves.
Ok I started out journaling my "get fit or get fat plan" but I feel the need to interject a few tidbits now and then. Not like anyone is reading anyway. Speaking of what am I saying I am already fat, fat is one of those words you can say only when speaking of one's self like many other non pc words. Or at least that is what I thought until my daughters jumped all over me every time I mention it. They are right when I was skinny I hated it when friends habitually or even occasionally used the word to speak negatively about one's self. So I should heed the advice and not speak of it ever more. My brain is screaming FAT, FAT, FAT!  Thats enough no more!!!

Gotta go!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9 What happened to 5,6,7,8?

5 & 6 got up late & 7 ate 8!!
Really though still yoga farting away! Haven't lost a single frckin pound! Thought I lost 5 and next day they came back and bit me in the a*s and that is where you can find them still!
I am so depressed! Ok well I have not cut out all sugars and starches from my diet -  time to get even more serious oh wait hubby just brought home my favorite brownies well umhh... maybe 2moro.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

I did my yoga work out this morning to the Gaiam yoga dvd for the 4th day in a row, it was challenging and fun. At one point when I tried do something that I thought I could do but couldn't even come close I put my head down on the mat and had a good cry over the realization that there are some things I will never be able to do again and sorrow for the years spent being able to do almost anything and not appreciating it. This was not defeat though! I will keep at it! Just a temporary melt down. Actually I am quit proud of myself and committed to my goal to get my body and mind back in shape again. Eating light and feeling good day 4 over and out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Day 3

Spent New Years eve home with my hubby a bowl of pasta and a bottle of champagne. Yes we had been invited  to 2 parties which we had planned on going to both. However as the day approached I began to be acutely aware of my increased size and weight even though I purchased a great dress that minimizes my blossoming full figure.
Everyone would be judging me and talking or so that is what my crazy head is telling me would happen. My dear good husband would never accept that as a reason, he loves me in any size and so I lied. I said I didn't want to leave my puppies knowing there would be fireworks and they are frightened by loud noises.
Truth is I wanted to stay home regardless and I know that my recent seclusion is due to my embarrassing weight gain. I am 52 and have always stayed within a certain size range that I have been comfortable with. Jeans got tight the portions got smaller and back to normal no problem. Now within 1 year I have grown from a size 0 to a size 10. Ok 10 isn't so bad you say well on me it is horrendous!
Since I was diagnosed a year ago with fibromyalgia hence forth fibro or fibro fit, resulting in decreased activity due to severe pain and one of the medications  I take causes weight gain along with my new found love of food! Love, love, love the food my hubby cooks. But all this is no excuse and no way to live!
So for the very first time I have made a  few new years resolutions ...
1. Yoga, swim and/or walk at least 5x a week
2. Eat less and healthier
3. Turn in my recyclables for cash
Ok I admit collecting all those bottles and cans in my own kitchen is going to be a little tough to do! Tee hee!
Here's the skinny I was skinny now I am fat and I want to be normal! Everyone wants to be normal what ever normal is.
I am 5'5'' 150 lbs. my thighs rub together when I walk my hips bulge out like a giant pear I have indents on my shoulders from my bra indents on my hips from tight under wear and my stomach sticks out like  I swallowed a watermelon I have two pairs of jeans one dress and four tops that fit. And hopefully with exercise and careful eating habits I will lose weight.