About Me

About me?
I am happily married with two grown daughters one living sort of nearby in college and one special needs living at home both very different and very special. I have the most wonderful, patient loving husband ever who also happens to be a fantastic and generous father to our two daughters. Our girls are his and mine from previous marriages but this is the only time you'll hear this as I have adopted my stepdaughter in my heart and make no distinction other than they are each unique in their own rite no different than any other two individuals would be.
We have two adopted dogs, my husband and I are big into adopting.
My husband is the bread winner business/salesman and I would be a starving artist if he had not saved me - wink! Actually I probably wouldn't starve and I wouldn't be an artist either.
I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia what a drag it is too! It sort of just came on like gang busters and after months of pain and illness followed by the usual doctor visitssss i.e. many docs and many visits the tally was counted and verdict read: Fibromyalgia. I really really curse this word! I am completely baffled by this disease the how and why of it all, it has made me rethink and question everything. Also there is this little big thing called "Fibro Fog" which along with the pain because of it or in spite of it not sure which the brain is not what it used to be and I have become very forgetful I explain it as being - brain tired - so now you know I have it so now you can hopefully forgive my forgetfulness.
I'll post more about me *maybe later that is if I remember! Just now I didn't remember how to spell remember, thank you spell check!