Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fab Feb

February is here... and's almost gone! It has been  80º just like it was this day in 1985 when I brought my daughter home from the hospital I remember it like it was yesterday. I added the picture cube on the side to commemorate the 1980s.
On another Note.....
I am STILL doing my YOGA every morning and feeling better it is amazing regardless how hard it is to move my joints and muscles with the pain of FIBRO I feel better and I am actually enjoying it.
Sometimes I may collapse on the mat in tears but most of all I laugh at myself - wouldn't you like to see a clip of it on Youtube! NOT! Don't worry no such vid exists! HAHA!
Really though that time alone just for me no one to bother me the world be damned I am in my own little bubble the worries of the day melt away and nothing else matters. Who wouldn't like that kind of peace while doing your body good You would think I was a grand master now after two whole months haha I have a looong way to go if I ever even arrive but if I continue on this path as I plan I will happy for what I can do.

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