Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whats the Story Morning Glory.

During my research today eyeball deep into dada and loving it my soul was struck through the heart

with a familiarty of circumstances undone in the seemingly glamorous and wistful momma bella.

She occupies center stage unaware her throngs of minions are not in her picture frame.

Poor little Lucy a wall between them and barely a window to see. 

A snippet in the day of a life of yet another flawed family.

I am painfully aware of  mothers whose daughters can not get close to and all the brokeness and pain and if lucky

repaired and mended and better for it. I was not aware of this growing up as my own mother is the ilk that every mother should hope to be.

Having a loving, caring, close, warm, safe mother I naturally thought all moms were good and decent and loved there children. 

Now seeing the damage that just one wicked mother can do to her children is beyond words my heart aches and I want to run and hug my mother and tell her just exactly how special and perfect she is. Please G-D send us a thousand more like her!

What ever the artist intent or design I cannot know but this is what my minds eye saw and felt. Though sad the tale the more precious the art appears.

Art what a beautiful way to show it!


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