Friday, December 2, 2011

The Posting Blues

Yes I feel like crying this is supposed to be fun, therapeutic  and engaging the only thing engaging is reading  other peoples blogs wherein lies the problem. All the blogs I enjoy reading or see everyday are young moms with young children at home and it makes me long for those days wish I had them back and enjoyed them a whole lot more...more laughing less yelling. As an almost empty nester save for one little bird with wings that cannot fly. Other than that I am in the freeze zone not yet or a long while yet if ever grandma and my baby is not a baby anymore.
Usually I am very happy and these things do not make me sad but are instead my fondest memories all the little joys you remember all the funny now but not thens, the booboos, the burps and blunders and all the wondrous moments each and every day. Ad then I remember I won't be going to bed tonight dead tired getting up early dragging sleepy heads out of bed and ready for school lunches to make homework to finish gym clothes to launder PTA meetings and and and....
I'm not blue anymore! No baths to give or homework to check I think I will settle in with a cup of tea and watch my favorite shows until I fall asleep-Good Nite!

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